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Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What are the major differences between the startup account and the regular Free Trial account?

    The startup program is uniquely designed for startups at any stage, offering specific benefits that support businesses as they scale their technology. The startups SKU offers free credits and a 70% discount for two years. The Free Trial does not. The startup program also offers additional benefits, including mentoring, go-to-market support, and more resources than the Free Trial account.

  • What do you define as a startup? Am I eligible?

    We consider a startup to be any company—B2B or B2C, in any industry or technology space—that has not yet been acquired or gone public.

  • Can anyone sign up for a startup account from the portal?

    Yes. If you consider yourself a startup, you’re welcome to sign up.

  • What if I do not have a startup, can I still apply?

    We offer a separate program for researchers associated with academic and research institutions, Oracle for Research.

    If you are NOT a startup or researcher, we invite you to explore Oracle Cloud Free Tier, which includes access to our Always Free services and a US$300-value, 30-day trial account offering a wide range of Oracle Cloud services. Find more information here.

    If you’re an educator looking for computing resources for your classroom, Oracle Academy offers free curriculum, computing resources, and educator professional development. You can join Oracle Academy here.

  • Do I need to be part of a certain industry, at a certain stage, or use a specific technology to be eligible?

    There are no restrictions on industry or technology areas. We’re open to all types of technologies, but your company must be a startup.

  • Are there any regional restrictions in place for startups wanting to sign up?

    No, the program is open to all startups, regardless of location.

  • Do you still operate a residential cohort program?

    No. Instead, we’ve extended our reach globally. We now operate in every region with virtual offerings to support startups, wherever they are. There are no longer any physical centers or cohorts, so there’s no need to go through an application or selection process. You’re welcome to join Oracle for Startups and begin building on Oracle Cloud today. Click here to get started.

  • Where can I find success stories and case studies about startups like mine?

    Startups in our program provide solutions in transformative technology spaces such as AI, blockchain, IoT, customer experience (CX), and more. By partnering with Oracle for Startups, they save costs, scale up their technology, and have opportunities to connect with customers around the globe. To read all about the startups in our program, check out our blog.
    To join the program and start your own Oracle story, click here.

  • My account has been terminated. How can I reactivate it?

    If the account is terminated you will need to register again. If the account is still in the process of being terminated, there is a possibility the account could be reactivated. Please see detailed instructions here.

  • Are accounts deactivated after a certain period of inactivity?


  • How can I change my admin account username/email?

    Sign up

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  • Is there a difference in the sign-up process for a startup account compared with the regular Free Tier account?

    Yes. Although both are pay-as-you-go (PAYG) accounts, they are different offerings with different benefits.

    Oracle for Startups gives users a 70% discount on IaaS and PaaS products for two years, as well as additional benefits as part of the Oracle for Startups program. You can learn more here.

  • What if I do not have access to a credit card—can I pay a different way?

    Startups will need a major credit card to join. PayPal is currently not available through the self-service enrollment process.

  • Can anyone sign up for a startup account from the portal?

    Yes. If you consider yourself a startup, you’re welcome to sign up.

  • I live in [your country]. I can't seem to sign up with my credit card. Why?

    We offer a separate program for researchers associated with academic and research institutions. Startups from all countries are able to sign up using a credit card via the self-service sign-up process. Please be sure you are signing up in the correct self-service sign-up portal here. If you’re still having problems, reach out to

  • How many startup accounts are permitted per email ID?

    One startup account is allowed per email ID.


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  • What are the benefits of Oracle for Startups?

    Oracle for Startups provides access to world-class technology at a 70% discount to startups for the first two years. On joining, you’ll also be given access to the Startup Portal, through which you can apply for additional free cloud credits, mentorship, migration support, and market connections.

    Sign up to join a live webinar to find out whether Oracle is the right partner to help you level-up your startup.

  • How many free credits are available to startups in the program?

    All startups receive US$500 in free credits upon joining. You’re able to request US$1,000 additional credits once you’ve signed up for the Startup Portal and have begun consuming cloud credits. We also have a pay-to-earn program where you can receive additional credits as you spend on Oracle Cloud.

  • How long will I receive the program benefits?

    Qualifying startups are eligible to receive benefits for two years. The 70% cloud discount applies for two years from the date of enrollment. Specific benefits and the engagement level with our team vary as you progress through the program.

  • Do cloud credits expire?

    The free cloud credits received upon joining, as well as the 70% discount, expire two years after your startup enrolls in the program.

  • What is “Credits to Scale” and how does the “buy one get two” promotion work?

    Credits to Scale is an opportunity for startups to decide how much they want to spend on cloud and get 2x their desired amount in free cloud credits. This pay-to-earn promotion allows startups to take advantage of cloud they are already using while getting free cloud in return – all with a 70% discount!

    Startups simply use the amount they choose, and we place 2x that amount in their account so they can continue to scale on Oracle Cloud.

    How it Works:

    • Startups tell us how much they want to spend on cloud via the Startup Portal.
    • They get approved and keep building.
    • When they use the chosen amount, we’ll double it in free cloud credits.
    • Process repeats up to 2 times.
  • Is there a Customer Success Manager assigned to startup accounts?

    CSM representatives are not assigned to startups, but startups get access to an exclusive online Startup Portal for on-demand resources, mentoring, marketing, and more.

  • Will I get access to Oracle's 430,000 enterprise customers on signup?

    You’ll have the opportunity to access market connections to customers, VCs, and events, as well as the potential to unlock media exposure, as you progress through the program.

    Startups become eligible by completing specific requirements, including the use of Oracle products and services. You can access the qualification requirements in the Market Connect section in the Startup Portal after signing up. These benefits apply to new participants in Oracle for Startups and not current Oracle customers.

  • How does the Market Connect process work?

    Market Connect eligibility requires startups hit key milestones:

    • Complete your startup profile
    • Use $500 of your initial credits
    • Submit a customer case study
    • Submit reference architecture
    • Submit integration strategy, if applicable
    • Submit an elevator pitch
    • Submit your company’s logo

    Once these steps are completed, Business Development Managers will connect startups with the Market Connect lead for the region. Startups will discuss their current sales, customers, use case, desired industry verticals, and technological aspects of their offerings with the Market Connect team.

    The Market Connect Lead will then connect startups, as appropriate, to opportunities for business expansion with Key Account Directors, analysts, events teams, and more.

  • Can I say Oracle is partnering with my startup if I join?

    We value all relationships with startups. You are welcome to share that you’re part of the Oracle for Startups program, are using Oracle technologies, and can use our logo via the Media Kit once you’re enrolled in the program.

    We do have a specific process for commercial partnerships, however, which will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

  • What is the Startup Portal and how can I access it?

    The Startup Portal is an exclusive benefit linking startups in the program to enterprise resources, migration support, cloud credits, market connections, and more. Startups can manage mentor requests, request migration assistance, apply for more cloud credits, and qualify for Market Connect directly from within the Portal. It serves as a central hub to access resources and benefits on demand.

    Log in to the Startup Portal.

  • Will I be listed in the Meet the Startups startup gallery once I join?

    To be considered for the startup gallery, startups need to register for the Startup Portal and complete their profile. If your company is chosen to be featured on the site, the Oracle for Startups team will contact you for further information.

  • How can Oracle’s mentors help my startup?

    One of the benefits of Oracle for Startups is access to a wide array of resources and expertise. Our mentorship benefit connects startups with an experienced executive for one-to-one mentoring and advice on business, technology, go-to-market strategies, and more.

  • What if I want help with my technology or product offering?

    Oracle for Startups has a global technical team dedicated to supporting startups as they onboard and scale with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As part of the Market Connect portfolio of benefits, startups can also connect with mentors from within the Oracle product management organization.

  • Will Oracle for Startups introduce me to customers?

    With more than 430,000 customers, Oracle is an excellent partner for the startup seeking to grow their customer base. Reaching Market Connect eligibility through the Startup Portal is the first step for enrolled startups to begin accessing benefits such as customer connections.

  • What virtual events are offered by Oracle for Startups?

    Our business development and technical teams host regular webinars to support a startup’s journey to scale with Oracle. These live, interactive sessions include product guidance, demos, startup success stories, and Q&As. You can review and sign up for webinars .

    There are also virtual events covering startup-specific topics including funding, partnerships, corporate acceleration, leadership and more—available live and on demand.


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  • What products and services can I access?

    You can find a full list of Oracle products and services here.

  • Which cloud IaaS/PaaS/SaaS products are provided as part of the account?

    We provide all IaaS and PaaS products. Cloud credits cannot be used for SaaS products.

  • Can I access Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform or Oracle Autonomous Database?

    Yes, you’ll have access to these and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-based products and services. Examples can be found here.

  • I already use more than one cloud provider—does the program offer migration support?

    Yes, migration support is offered on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs. Once you’ve joined, you can request migration assistance through the Startup Portal. Read about migration benefits here.

  • Do startup accounts get full access to My Oracle Support (MOS)?

    Yes, enrolled startups have access to MOS, plus the help of the Oracle for Startups team of technical experts.

  • Where can I get access to technical documentation and support?

    Technical documentation, how-to-guides, and resources are available here. If you’ve already enrolled, you can submit a support ticket here, or you can request time with our Enterprise Cloud Readiness team for any migration queries.

  • What are the set account limits for Oracle Compute Units (OCPU), storage, and other services?

    Accounts have standard PAYG service limits. More information on service limits can be found here.

  • Free tier accounts have a quota limit of 8 instances and 5TB storage limit. What is the quota allowed on startup accounts?

    Quota limits for startup accounts are aligned with free tier/promo account limits. More information on service limits is availablehere.

  • Is there a NetSuite for Startups package?

    No. There is not specific startup pricing. NetSuite pricing is determined by products, users, etc.

  • Does NetSuite does have an open API?
  • Is there a free NetSuite sandbox available to Oracle partners?

    No. NetSuite SDN partners ($3K/year membership) have access to a sandbox.


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  • How long will the 70% discount last and what does this apply to?

    The 70% discount will apply for two years from confirmation of your enrollment. It applies to all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-related products and services.

  • What happens after two years?

    The 70% discount will be applicable for the first two years upon enrollment. After that, you’ll be able to discuss with our team the best pricing options for your needs.

  • Am I eligible for the “Always Free” tier?

    Yes, startups that enroll in our program will get access to the Always Free tier. Startups joining Oracle for Startups receive US$500 of free cloud credits at a 70% discount, with opportunities to apply for more as you use them up.

    Startups also get Always Free services, such as Autonomous Database, which is free for an unlimited time, as well as two Compute VMs, 100 GB block volume, 10 GB object storage, 10 GB archive storage, and a 10 Mbps load balancer. Always Free is a great resource for anyone who wants to experiment, build, and test in Oracle Cloud.

    Members of Oracle for Startups can see the Always Free services in their service console. More information is available here.

  • What are some of the things can I do with my US$500 in free cloud credits?

    US$500 in free cloud credits at a 70% discount can support the next step toward scaling your startup technology and business. Read a few examples.

  • I signed up for Always Free (or another promotional trial) instead of Oracle for Startups. Can I still join Oracle for Startups?

    Yes. You will need to terminate your ‘Always Free’ cloud account, and then enroll in Oracle for Startups.

    Please refer this page, see section “Creating a service request using the console.” Please log in to your trial account as you need to log the request from the account you wish to terminate. You can login here.

    In the ‘Describe Issue Box,’ reference that you accidentally signed up for the Free Trial by mistake and that your intention was to enroll in Oracle for Startups.

  • What is the process for converting to PAYG, and can I do this from the console?

    All startups enrolled in the program will automatically convert to PAYG once the initial promotional credits are consumed. If a startup earns more credits at any point during the duration of the program, the account will revert back to the “free” mode and the startup will not be billed while credits remain in the account.

    Startups can use the console to upgrade to a different pricing model at any point during the duration of the program (monthly flex/annual).

  • What happens to my free credits if I convert to PAYG?

    When a startup upgrades to a different pricing model (monthly flex/annual), any unused credits will be forfeited.

  • Can I convert to monthly flex?

    Yes, this is an option available to startups at any time. Please note that on conversion the startup-exclusive 70% discount will no longer be applicable.

  • Is it possible to move my account and the contents to a new contract?

    Yes, startups can upgrade to monthly flex or PAYG at any time. There is an option within the console to do so, which will connect them with an Oracle sales rep.

  • Will my credit card be automatically charged?

    Yes. Once a startup has exhausted the initial US$500 credits, any additional spend will be automatically charged to the credit card provided upon enrollment.

  • How often will I be invoiced?

    PAYG customers are invoiced monthly.

  • Where can I see the 70% discount applied?

    The discount is applied on the back end and is not visible on the console. You can review your credit usage in the Account Management tab under Cost Analysis.

  • How can I change my method of payment?

    Open the navigation menu in the Cloud Console. Under Governance and Administration, go to Account Management and click Payment Method.
    Click Edit Card.
    Type your information and click finish.
    Refer to this link.

  • Are there pricing charts for services?

    Startup accounts receive a 70% discount off the standard rate card for all IaaS and PaaS.

  • I have questions about my invoice. Who can I contact?

    Oracle Collections Department
    Phone: +1 888 803 7414
    Invoice questions? Visit

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