Styling: FormControls

Oracle® JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)


  • 9.2.0
Style classes relating to editable value Form controls
Class automatically generated by editable value components, but may be specified for html elements that desire to be styled like a component.
Since Description
7.0.1 This Class is automatically generated by editable value components. Although it will still be used internally, we are deprecating this for external use.
<input type="text" id="street" class="oj-form-control oj-inputtext-nocomp">

Category: Form Control Type

Specify whether or not a contained form component should inherit the container's styles, such as height, border, color and background-color.

Data collection components like the Table and Data Grid automatically apply the oj-form-control-inherit class to their cells, since it usually achieves the best results for editable value form controls in a fixed-size grid. To prevent this behavior, apply the oj-form-control-default class to any cell or cells where you want to override the container's styles.



<div class="demo-cell oj-form-control-inherit">
   <oj-input-text id="input3" required value="the value"></oj-input-text>

<div class="demo-cell oj-form-control-default">
  <oj-input-text id="input3" required value="the value"></oj-input-text>