Element: <oj-thematic-map-area>

Oracle® JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)


  • 5.2.0
  • ojthematicmap



JET Thematic Map Area

The oj-thematic-map-area element is used to declare properties for thematic map areas and is only valid as the child of a template element for the areaTemplate slot of oj-thematic-map.

<oj-thematic-map area-data='[[areaDataProvider]]' map-provider='[[mapProvider]]'>
 <template slot='areaTemplate'>
   <oj-thematic-map-area  color='[[$current.data.color]]' location='[[$current.data.country]]'>



interface ThematicMapAreaElement<K1=any, D1=any>

Generic Parameters
K1Type of key of the areaData dataprovider
D1Type of data from the areaData dataprovider
Typescript Import Format
//To typecheck the element APIs, import as below.
import { ThematicMapAreaElement } from "ojs/ojthematicmap";

//For the transpiled javascript to load the element's module, import as below
import "ojs/ojthematicmap";

For additional information visit:


categories :Array.<string>

An array of category strings corresponding to this area. This allows highlighting and filtering of areas. By default, the label is used as the area category.
Default Value:
  • []

color :string

The area color. The default values come from the CSS classes and varies based on theme.
Default Value:
  • null

label :string

Text used for the area's label.
Default Value:
  • ""

label-style :Partial<CSSStyleDeclaration>

The CSS style object defining the style of the area label. The default values come from the CSS classes and varies based on theme. The following style properties are supported: color, cursor, fontFamily, fontSize, fontStyle, fontWeight, textDecoration.
Default Value:
  • null

location :string

An identifier corresponding to a Feature provided in the mapProvider geo object that this area is associated with.
See the map-provider.properties-keys.id attribute of oj-thematic-map for additional information.
Default Value:
  • ""

opacity :number

The area opacity.
Default Value:
  • 1

selectable :"auto"|"off"

Specifies whether or not the area will be selectable.
Supported Values:
Default Value:
  • "auto"

(nullable) short-desc :(string | ((context: ojThematicMap.AreaShortDescContext<K1,D1>) => string))

The text that displays in the area's tooltip.
Default Value:
  • ""

svg-class-name :string

The CSS style class defining the style of the area.
Default Value:
  • ""

svg-style :Partial<CSSStyleDeclaration>

The CSS style object defining the style of the area. Only SVG CSS style properties are supported.
Default Value:
  • {}