Interface: Option

Oracle® JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)





  • 9.2.0
  • 4.1.0
  • ojselectcombobox

Module usage

See JET Module Loading for an overview of module usage within JET.

Typescript Import Format
//To use this interface, import as below.
import {Option} from "ojs/ojselectcombobox";

JET In Typescript

A detailed description of working with JET elements and classes in your typescript project can be found at: JET Typescript Usage.

The oj.Option interface defines API for a leaf option of the JET select and combobox. Use oj.Option for a leaf option and oj.Optgroup for a group option.
  • value is a required attribute. It must be a row key in the data provider.
  • label is an optional attribute. If missing, String(value) is used.

See oj.Optgroup for group option

See oj.ojComboboxOne#options

See oj.ojComboboxMany#options

See oj.ojSelectOne#options

See oj.ojSelectMany#options

See oj.ojMenuSelectMany#options


(nullable) disabled :boolean

disabled is an optional attribute. When disabled is true, the option item is not selectable.

(nullable) label :string

label is an optional attribute. It is the display label for the option item. If it's missing, String(value) will be used.

value :Object

value is required attribute. It must be the row key in the data provider because JET Select and Combobox use "value" to fetch the displayed "label".