Class: urlPathAdapter

Oracle® JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)


  • 1.1.0
  • ojrouter

Note: This class is deprecated since 9.0.0. Use alternative: CoreRouter.


Url adapter used by the oj.Router to manage URL in the form of /book/chapter2.
The UrlPathAdapter is the default adapter used by the router as it makes more human-readable URLs, is user-friendly, and less likely to exceed the maximum charaacter limit in the browser URL.
Since this adapter generates path URLs, it's advisable that your application be able to restore the page should the user bookmark or reload the page. For instance, given the URL /book/chapter2, your application server ought to serve up content for "chapter2" if the user should bookmark or reload the page. If that's not possible, then consider using the urlParamAdapter.
There are two available URL adapters, this one and the urlParamAdapter.
To change the URL adapter, use the urlAdapter property.