OCI Adoption and Migration Program

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Adoption and Migration Program, available for North American customers, helps you succeed in the cloud. We invest in top engineers, proven frameworks, and automation to minimize risk and fast-track your migration to OCI.*

Low-risk, rapid, and cost-effective OCI adoption

Accelerate your migration with us.

Less risk

Benefit from our expertise, proven processes, and change management support to ensure a smooth transition.


Use advanced tooling and automation for quicker time to value.

More cost-effective

Leverage OCI's dramatically lower pricing and significantly simpler price structure.

Comprehensive support

Take advantage of our guidance and training to help ensure optimal OCI utilization.

A collaborative approach

Engage with Oracle experts, including development support, and choose to work with either our skilled team or preferred partners.

Discover and design applications on your terms
  • Automate resource and application discovery.
  • Map on-premises or AWS resources to OCI resources and compare costs.
  • Design from best-practice architectures.
Migrate to OCI and modernize applications
  • Automate the migration of applications/workloads to OCI.
  • Modernize application architectures for the cloud.
  • Build a north-star architecture for future application transformation.
Secure and govern your cloud environment
  • Design and guide the implementation of FinOps and SecOps.
Enable your teams and operate in the cloud
  • Get training across a variety of topics—tailored to your needs.
  • Guide the implementation of change management and CloudOps.

OCI Adoption and Migration Program features

Discover and design

Based on your level of in-house or third-party partner resources, Oracle will invest in dedicated cloud architects, business architects, solution specialists, and tools as needed.

Application and resource discovery

  • Create a workload list with either your CMDB (configuration management database) or by using automated discovery tools (tools are provided at no cost).
  • Enumerate your existing resources and performance requirements.
  • Align the discovered assets and applications with business priorities or phases.

Map resources

  • Map on-premises or other cloud resources to OCI resources.
  • Develop a cost comparison of resources before and after migration to OCI.
  • Align resource performance requirements with OCI resources.

Architectural design

  • Use standard architecture templates to develop future-state architecture.
  • Assist in the design and execution of a network and identity architecture plan.
  • Design an initial set of customer application architectures.

Migration and modernization

Our cloud engineering services offer holistic migration support. We can provide both no-fee migrations via Oracle Cloud Lift Services and premium services for a fee. Migration tools are available for customers and their partners free of charge.


The OCI Adoption and Migration Program includes the following support:
  • Application planning and migration of initial applications.
  • New-concept evaluations.
  • Pilot-to-production deployments.
  • Custom demos for your data and applications.
  • Assistance for customer- or partner-driven migrations.


  • Beyond the initial set of no-fee migrations, we can provide a quote for complex migrations.
  • Drive deeper engagement with developers for new application development.
  • Get support for application refactoring, rehosting, and replatforming.


  • We assist your chosen partners for migration and modernization projects.
  • Partners have access to Oracle’s migration tooling.
  • Partner incentives are available.

Secure and govern

Oracle funds a dedicated CISO with deep OCI security knowledge, project manager(s), and consumption engineer(s).

Landing zone creation/OCI certification

  • Create a landing zone that meets the CIS Foundations Benchmark for Oracle Cloud, including designs for governance, security segmentation, and separation of duties.
  • Work with your teams to certify OCI as a cloud provider for your organization.

Risk and compliance/SecOps

  • Design a risk management program that meets your organization’s security and compliance requirements.
  • Establish a governance process to help reduce risks to cloud accounts, data, and infrastructure.

Cloud center of excellence and FinOps

  • Oracle will provide program/project management resources to support your cloud center of excellence (CoE) and program/project management office(s).
  • Create guidelines for managing and optimizing the operation of applications, workloads, and services in the cloud.
  • Create FinOps guidelines for resource allocation, cost management, and compliance.

Enable and operate

Oracle funds a dedicated project manager and will track technical enablement and trainings as well as certifications.

Enterprise architecture and skilling

  • Train enterprise solution architects on OCI’s portfolio of services.
  • Create a workforce readiness plan.
  • Deliver developer/operator trainings and enablement with a dedicated customer portal to track enablement progress.
  • Get free OCI Certification coupons.
  • Take advantage of deep dives with Oracle developers and subject matter experts.
  • Get access to an Architecture-to-Cloud tool, including hundreds of templates.

Change management

  • Create a change management plan for developers, operators, and process development.
  • Bootstrap a CI/CD Jira integration for developers.


  • Integrate OCI telemetry into your operations, including multicloud management.
  • Design a support and incident management strategy to support your environment and minimize service disruptions.
  • Create runbooks for your operations teams.
  • Collaborate with your Oracle team on a dedicated Slack channel.

Customer perspectives on Oracle Adoption and Migration Program

  • “OCI listened to our needs and came up with unique solutions to get our engineers ready for the migration, including customized learning paths, professional certification challenges, and workshops delivered at internal events.”

    – Joetta Bell
    Senior Manager, Engineering Enablement, Uber
  • “Oracle Cloud Lift Services together with Infosys Cobalt cloud offerings help our joint customers accelerate the work of migrating to the cloud and modernizing their landscape to drive faster business results. As a partner, we ensure client success through outcome-driven transformation programs that build differentiated capabilities to help our clients become resilient, agile, and competitive.”

    – Gopikrishnan Konnanath
    SVP and Service Offering Head, Oracle Services, Infosys

Additional OCI Adoption and Migration Program Resources

* Disclaimer: The OCI Adoption and Migration Program is currently only available to customers in North America.