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Computational Fluid Dynamics on High Performance Computing

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tool used to simulate fluid flow around various engineering models. CFD applications are most efficiently run on compute systems with high throughput local storage, low latency networks and optimized CPUs.

HPC Clusters with CFD software

OpenFoam created computer rendering of a motorcycle
OpenFOAM* 2 Million Cell Motorbike Model

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now offers HPC Clusters with CFD software that can easily be deployed through Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The compute cluster is provisioned with the following:

Open Source CFD

OpenFOAM is installed with scripts to execute tutorials simulations.

Prerequisite libraries

Libraries required for some of the most commonly used commercial CFD applications, including Converge, StarCCM+ and Ansys Fluent, are installed. Just bring your own license to get your simulations up and running.

File Servers

High throughput NFS and GlusterFS file servers are installed on the NVME SSD local storage to share data across the compute cluster and maximize data throughput. You can use these file servers or configure a file system of your choice either on the compute cluster or as a separate file server cluster.

Learn how to launch a CFD ready cluster

Run some of the most common CFD applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Benefits of CFD on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC

  • Wide Variety of Use Cases

    OCI HPC can be used in any industry that needs to run CFD workloads.

  • Enables Parallelism

    Run your CFD models efficiently in parallel on our HPC Cluster Networking. OCI HPC Cluster Networks use the RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2 protocol with a network latency as low as 1.5 µs.

  • Cloud Bursting

    Burst Capacity up and down as workload requirements change.

  • Consistent Pricing

    Choose from a wealth of regions across the globe to run your CFD workloads on our consistently priced HPC shapes.

  • Scaling

    Efficiently scale at high node counts to increase return-on-investment for expensive application licenses.

  • Model Processing

    Attach GPUs easily to the CFD cluster to perform pre and post processing of your models.

Cluster networking

Oracle Cloud and High Performance Computing

Watch how to provision a cluster network through marketplace and discover the benefits of running your workloads on Oracle Cloud.

June 17, 2019

Large Clusters, Lowest latency: Cluster Networking on OCI

Taylor Newill, Senior Manager Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is leading the cloud high performance computing (HPC) battle in performance and price. Over the last few months, we have set new cloud standards for internode latency, cloud HPC benchmarks, and application performance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's bare metal infrastructure lets you run on-premises performance in the cloud.

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