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Oracle Cloud Customer Stories

Alliance Data Systems logo

Leading Loyalty and Marketing Services Company Saves US$1M by Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle and LTI were with us every step of the way during the migration. This was the best support I’ve ever seen.
Suresh Tripathi, director of IT, Alliance Data Systems
Allianz Partners logo

Allianz Overcomes Cloud BI Challenges with Oracle


Financial services provider Allianz, one of the world's largest companies, deployed its Oracle Exadata-powered business intelligence stack in Oracle Cloud.

Altair logo

Oracle Cloud: Altair ultraFluidX and Altair nanoFluidX


Our Altair ultraFluidX™ and Altair nanoFluidX™ aerodynamics applications take advantage of the compute power of Oracle Cloud's high-end GPUs

Beeline logo

Vendor Management System Provider Saves US$1 Million Annually by Moving Their Infrastructure to Oracle Cloud

We're moving all of our disaster-recovery and ancillary systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which has enabled us to consolidate from four data centers down to two, with savings approaching one million dollars annually.
Jason Creson, vice president of infrastructure, Beeline
CARE logo

Astute Helps CARE Improve Field Operations with Oracle Cloud

We have a responsibility not only toward our donors but to the people that we serve. It is in our core values to be good financial stewards of all the donations that we receive, and that is why our technology infrastructure and PeopleSoft applications are critical to our operations.
Mamuka Khantadze, Senior Director of Digital Operations,
CERN logo

CERN Uses Oracle Cloud to Support the LHC Research Program


CERN is working with Oracle to make sure that future infrastructures can scale out in a reliable and secure way. Given the right technology and operations, most of the applications will end up in the cloud partially provided by Oracle.

Cisco Tetration logo

Cisco Tetration Utilizes High-Performance OCI for SaaS


Only Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided Cisco Tetration Analytics workload protection platform with the CPU utilization and I/O throughput that allowed them to create a new business model.

CMiC logo

CMiC Deployed Their New R12 Construction Enterprise Software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

We built the latest version of CMiC Collaborate for our enterprise construction customers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It is designed to change how construction industry players work together to deliver projects, with less risk and at lower costs.
Oliver Ritchie, vice president of technology and innovations
Covanta logo

Covanta Taps Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Secure PeopleSoft Migration

We did an analysis and we looked at a couple of different options for the PeopleSoft application, including [Amazon Web Services], and we spent countless hours with the Oracle team. Everyone at Oracle stepped up to the plate and we're now in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment.
Ben Cabrera, vice president and CIO, Covanta
Darling Ingredients logo

Darling Ingredients Solves Global IT Challenges with OCI


Darling Ingredients solves global IT challenges by deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Data Intensity logo

Data Intensity and Reporting with Oracle Autonomous Database


Data Intensity revolutionizes financial reporting and agile development for 5 times more performance, 10 times more user adoption, 10 times fewer resources, $225K less cost, and zero administration using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

FICO logo

FICO Improves Business Decisions with Cloud Analytics


FICO, a leading decision-management platform powered by Oracle Cloud, helps customers make better decisions more quickly. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides our highly regulated customers with the low latency, high performance, and 5x scalability they required.

FireEye logo

FireEye Cybersecurity Powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


FireEye stops global cybersecurity attacks and analyzes tens of millions of emails daily using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for 20-30 percent higher performance, 40 to 50 percent cost reduction in disaster recovery, and faster time to market.

HID Global logo

Security Leader Transforms Back and Front Office Using Oracle Cloud and Saves 50-66% in OPEX


Now we’ve got a modern, scalable IT platform that supports our growth. And we’ve redeployed our data center employees to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Mike Fitzgerald, Vice President of IT, HID Global
HighJump logo

HighJump and Oracle Add Value to the Supply Chain


Compared to classic clouds used in the past, HighJump has seen a 50-60 percent improvement in its price-performance capabilities on Oracle technology.

ICAT logo

ICAT Holdings Utilizes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for its Key Application


ICAT Holdings moves mission-critical, business-servicing database application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

IdentityMind logo

IdentityMind Migrates SaaS Platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

We migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to support our growing demands and our clients' needs for an enterprise-grade solution that partners high performance with elastic scaling. Our partnership allows us to quickly and cost-effectively expand our transaction processing capabilities as we continue to add new clients, features, and services.
Kieran Sherlock, chief technology officer, IdentityMind
iGeolise logo

iGeolise Builds a New Way to Search Locations with Oracle Cloud


iGeolise enables users to search for locations based on travel time instead of distance. Cofounder Charlie Davies explains how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure makes this award-winning technology possible.

Maritz logo

Maritz Runs Oracle E-Business Suite “Better, Cheaper, and Faster” on Oracle Cloud

The story with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is that it’s better, cheaper and faster than what we had on premises.
Ron Hunsaker, vice president of enterprise application services, Maritz
MDSL logo

Expense Management SaaS Provider Moves Infrastructure to the Cloud

This application is our business—and we were able to move it Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because they provided performance and availability superior to our own data center. We were able to get out of the data center infrastructure management business.
Thierry Zerbib, chief architect, MDSL
Murad logo

Optimizing Cost and Performance for Oracle Applications


Prestige skincare line saves 30 percent by moving Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Demantra, and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

OceanX logo

OceanX Gains 3x Performance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service


OceanX CEO Georg Richter and vice president of data and analytics Vijay Manickam discuss how the subscription commerce platform helps its customers scale direct-to-consumer business using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.


Optima Brings the Cloud to the Gaming Industry with Oracle


Optima discusses their use of Oracle Cloud and the business benefits it brings to their company.

Oracle Data Cloud logo

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Scales with Oracle Data Cloud


Oracle Data Cloud achieves rapid deployments, more uptime, and better performance by migrating workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle logo

Oracle Deploys a Next-Generation Contact Center (NGCC) Solution for 30,000 Users, Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

With a single, unified implementation of Genesys, Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure enables us to scale out and meet the latency and regulatory requirements of our users around the world. We’ve measured the impact, and it’s given each user back 10 hours per week.
Mark Sunday, CIO and senior vice president, Oracle
Phenix logo

Streaming Video Goes Global With Oracle Cloud


Performance and global presence are key considerations when choosing a cloud provider. That's why streaming video provider Phenix Real Time Solutions chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Princess House logo

Direct sales Company Builds Flexibility and Agility into JD Edwards Environment by Migrating to Oracle Cloud

With other cloud infrastructure providers, we would have been just another customer, but Oracle has offered a level of personal customer care and partnership that has been invaluable to us.
Bassam Alqassar, vice president of Information Systems, Princess House, Inc.
PS Technology logo

PS Technology Saves Costs and Accelerates Growth with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a railroad industry software provider helps customers save costs while accelerating growth.

SmartERP logo

SmartERP Secures its SaaS on Oracle Cloud


SaaS provider SmartERP moved from other clouds to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to consolidate on one platform, improve security, and reduce costs.

Solix logo

Enterprise Data Management ISV Migrates Customer Data Faster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Our testing showed 25 percent faster data migration on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compared to other public clouds we tested.
Kalyan Manyam, director, cloud and analytics, Solix Technologies, Inc.

TruGreen Achieves 4 to 5x Faster Performance

Our finance and branch teams that use JD Edwards are just ecstatic over the performance. They can run financial reports and manage distribution tasks faster than ever.
Clif Lee, director of corporate systems, TruGreen
V5 Systems logo

Outdoor Industrial IoT Platform Company Saves by Building Their Edge-Based SaaS Video and Alert Monitoring on Oracle Cloud

To ensure our customers can regularly, efficiently, and cheaply regularly monitor video, we Oracle Cloud. Through Oracle’s availability domains, we also continuously replicate data to a second data center in the region to maximize the data durability and solution availability for our customers.
Michael Seidler, vice president of global business development, V5 Systems
YellowDog logo

YellowDog and Oracle IaaS


Discover how YellowDog benefited from utilizing Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for their architecture visualizations and animation rendering.

Zenotech logo

Zenotech Finds Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Simple, Fast, and Scalable


Zenotech finds Oracle Cloud Infrastructure simple, fast, and easy to scale with the latest CPU and GPU hardware. Oracle provides Zenotech with a powerful option for performance-intensive workloads like computational fluid dynamics (CFD).