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Discover many paths to startup success

Whether they’re extending their runway with deep discounts or landing a meeting with a big customer, these startups know there’s no wrong way to scale with Oracle.

Industry solution startups


From visual search to in-store safety, these startups are supporting retail with solutions for e-commerce, brick and mortar, and the future of shopping.


Discover how to accelerate your digital banking journey with a wide range of proven Oracle fintech solutions that meet the security, performance, and compliance needs for today’s adaptive bank.


Better diagnostics, accelerated discovery, expedited patient care: Supported by secure high performance cloud and AI solutions, these startups are driving healthcare forward.

Construction and Engineering

Startups bring digital innovation to the construction industry. Built on a foundation of trust and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, construction startups integrate with proven industry solutions such as Oracle’s Primavera Cloud, Aconex, and Primavera Unifier.

Supply Chain

With solutions for enhanced transparency and sustainability powered by transformative technologies such as blockchain, cloud startups are driving supply chains forward.

High Performance Computing

For startups working with big data, active real-time analysis, and immense computational power, a high performance cloud is required to deliver innovation in fields from biomedicine to environmental sustainability.


With AI and compute-intensive applications on the rise, the need for GPU computing solutions to power business solutions is critical. Oracle and NVIDIA are committed to helping more AI startups achieve scale and success through a collaboration between their global startup programs.


Blockchain enables transparency and security for businesses that need fraud-proof certification and enhanced traceability. Startups in the space build with Oracle Blockchain Platform to save money and scale their business with confidence.


Active, real-time analytics require high performance solutions. Startups offer solutions for faster, more reliable analytics to deliver actionable insights to their business customers, faster.

With aiconix, creators make better videos. High performance computing and artificial intelligence support optimized, catalogued, high-impact video content.
This influencer discovery and management startup revealed the top influencers for HOPE Lingerie and supported the multinational business’ marketing efforts.
BotSupply takes chatbots to market 70% faster. A no-code and multilingual solution, built on top of Oracle Digital Assistant, makes it easy for businesses to build chatbots.
This startup platform enables transparent mineral sourcing. Circulor helps track raw materials for industrial supply chains using Oracle Blockchain Platform.
ELEM builds virtual humans to optimize patient care. With models based on real people, ELEM Biotech allows medical professionals to deliver personalized solutions for patients.
GridMarkets speeds drug discovery with high performance computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. GridMarkets’ customers can run compute-intensive workloads such as data modeling and animation from anywhere with cloud-based rendering services that “democratize” creativity.
Startup Hyreo’s platform, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle HCM, helped Societe Generale build a better onboarding process.
The NLPBots startup helps bank cash-in on conversational AI. This conversational AI platform, running on Oracle Cloud, enabled lower operating costs and improved customer experience for South Indian Bank.
Startup retraced ensures sustainability using blockchain technology. To promote ethical sourcing that supports the fashion industry, retraced trusts Oracle Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Database.
Toonimo scales up with Oracle Cloud. With enhanced security features and customer connections, Oracle for Startups helped this CX company grow.
Yamí helped rev up Yahama’s customer experience in Brazil. The startup turns ecommerce sites into user-friendly marketplaces and helped Yamaha bring their CX vision for the motorcycle business roaring to life.

Startups in action

retraced ensures sustainability with Oracle Blockchain

Blockchain verifies authenticity and responsible sourcing for handmade huaraches.

DeepZen creates audiobooks in days versus weeks on Oracle Cloud

AI replicates the human voice and reduces audiobook creation time from weeks to days.

Circulor and Oracle Blockchain help ensure ethical sourcing

Manufacturers gain full insight into their supply chain to improve safety conditions.

Meet the founder: Dr. Abdulrahman Alsultan

Why truck-sharing startup Awini is scaling with Oracle for Startups.

Meet the founder: Tony Nash

A conversation with the founder of Complete Intelligence, an analytics startup offering “superforecasting” to commodity industries.

Meet the founder: Jenny Griffiths

The founder of Snap Vision talks about CX integrations and the future of retail.