DaaS—Data as a Service

Data as a Service (DaaS): Smart Data Makes Marketing Work
Get to the Heart of the Customer

Read real-life stories of customer success with Oracle IaaS.
Data Driven Business
Data Driven Business Data-Driven Marketing

Make your marketing work better.

Make your customers feel like you know what makes them tick—that you have a deep connection with them and that you care. Using data as a service (DaaS), we’ll make it happen by connecting you to the right customers, making every interaction personal, and measuring effectiveness to prove success.

Better Data, Connected Data

Knowing your customer isn't easy.

A typical consumer can have more than eight digital identities across mobile, desktop, browsers, and apps. This creates a fragmentation challenge and can lead to wasted media spend and a disjointed customer experience. The Oracle ID Graph helps marketers solve these challenges by helping make more meaningful connections with consumers across all of their devices and media environments at scale.

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