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Four ways Oracle helps startups succeed that have nothing to do with technology

Oracle for Startups reimagines what a corporate and startup partnership should look like.

By Amy Sorrells | February 2021

Arushi Joshi, CEO and cofounder, AtCash

The exposure and strategic support Oracle provides matter to AtCash CEO Arushi Joshi.

Much has been written about how Oracle’s technology is providing startups big price-performance and scalability benefits, prompting startups to move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). But less has been covered about the unique business benefits Oracle’s startup program is offering these growing companies. From customer introductions to marketing exposure, Oracle for Startups is proving to be a real growth-hack for startups.

Startups in the program receive free credits for cloud computing resources, 70% discount on all IaaS and PaaS cloud resources for two years, mentoring, and technical assistance. And for qualifying companies who want to go all-in, the program offers Market Connect, providing resources such as customer introductions, analyst engagements, and a slate of marketing opportunities. The goal is to address a startup’s entire business—not just technology.

Here are four ways Oracle is helping startups succeed, beyond the tech.

1. Introductions to Oracle’s customers

Oracle has more than 400,000 business customers, and we’re helping open doors to those customers for startups around the globe. It’s a win-win: our customers, whether enterprise or midsized, are eager to work with innovative, new companies, while the startups get to expand their portfolio and prove their scalability. We’ve connected startups to brands such as Yamaha, Société Générale, HOPE Lingerie, and others.

“The customer benefits, the startup benefits, and Oracle benefits. So, we have this virtuous cycle of innovation,” says Jason Williamson, global head and VP of Oracle for Startups.

For companies such as MeVitae, an AI-based solution to create fairness in the workplace through nonbiased recruiting and hiring tools, this part of the program is helping them scale the business faster.

“The customer introductions and credibility of Oracle is huge, helping to open doors and provide new leads and new revenue. Since we complement Oracle’s technology, we’re helping Oracle’s customers innovate faster. In the past month alone, I’ve had three customer introductions because of Oracle.”

Riham Satti, CEO and Cofounder, MeVitae

And Hypatos, which uses deep learning to automate document-based back-office tasks, says Oracle’s support is an unmatched value for startups.

“Working with Oracle for Startups, you become part of the Oracle ecosystem that is running critical infrastructure for most of the world’s biggest companies. And that gets us customer introductions, as well as more credibility, because you are using the same infrastructure as the customers. That’s quite a compelling value proposition. Oracle for Startups is really unmatched.”

Cem Dilmegani, Chief Commercial Officer, Hypatos

2. Storytelling and marketing exposure

We intentionally shine a spotlight on startups to showcase their unique technology and successes. Startups’ remarkable stories, technology, and wins get featured on Oracle blogs, podcasts, and videos. For these growing businesses, sharing their success with Oracle offers an opportunity to market to a wider audience.

Hyreo, a company that automates the sourcing, hiring, and on-boarding processes with AI, has benefited from using Oracle’s marketing assets for their own campaigns.

“Oracle’s startup program helps in more ways than just technology, the program provides content marketing assets and opportunities, like the ‘Meet the Startups’ mini-podcast stories. It is a high-quality asset that we are using in our social and marketing efforts. And because it came from Oracle, it gives us an instant credibility we couldn’t get on our own.”

Arun Satyan, Founder, Hyreo

GridMarkets leverages Oracle content to generate in-bound leads and land new customers for their cloud rendering and simulation platform.

“The Oracle article and Forbes piece are some of our best marketing assets—and that’s because of the startup program. Oracle is very cooperative and responsive, and the pace of collaboration has been intense. Having the partnership is opening even more doors for us across the globe.”

Mark Ross, Cofounder, GridMarkets


“We work with a lot of the cloud platform providers, and I can assure you the others don’t even know our name. The fact that Oracle has invested so much in us and our success is why startups need to consider Oracle.”

Arushi Joshi, CEO and Cofounder, AtCash

3. Virtual events and webinars

The Oracle for Startups team produces high-quality events across the globe to feature startups to audiences including sales leaders, customers, and analysts. Pre-pandemic, startups accompanied us to Oracle events such as OpenWorld and to third-party events such as Web Summit. During COVID-19, events such as Meet the Startups and Oracle Startup Idol are held virtually to keep the networking momentum going. Check out our events schedule for on-demand and upcoming virtual events.

AtCash, a blockchain-based trust and identity solution, appreciates how Oracle has gotten to know what’s unique about them as a startup.

“We work with a lot of the cloud platform providers, and I can assure you the others don’t even know our name. The fact that Oracle has invested so much in us and our success is why startups need to consider Oracle. It’s not only the discounts, but things like visibility, exposure and strategic support. It is something that every startup needs. It’s definitely worked for us, and we hope to make it work a lot more for us.”

Arushi Joshi, CEO and Founder, AtCash

Aptivio, a B2B augmented sales intelligence leader, has plugged into Oracle events and webinars to scale their exposure and credibility.

“Since partnering with Oracle for Startups our business keeps flourishing. The program is delivering incredible value for us from events to market connect opportunities. I’m impressed with the amount of resources Oracle has put into the program.”

Guy Mounier, CEO and Cofounder, Aptivio

4. Analyst and media engagements

Industry analysts and media are two crucial audiences for emerging companies, but gaining their attention is hard in startup land. Oracle pitches qualified startups to analysts and reporters, resulting in media coverage , and showcases for global analysts in virtual events such as Oracle Startup Idol.

Reengen, an energy IoT platform, has benefited from connecting with media and analysts, who are looking for the next big thing in the startup space.

“We see Oracle as more of a strategic partner than just a cloud service provider. Through Oracle, we have been able to reach media and industry players that we wouldn’t have considered on our own. From being featured in articles to analyst events like Oracle Startup Idol, the partnership is helping expand our market reach.”

Şahin Çağlayan, CEO and Cofounder, Reengen

Tracifier, a blockchain-based traceability application for food verification, can attest to the value from getting in front of top-tier analysts.

“Having the opportunity to present and engage with technology and business analysts is really important for startups. With Oracle, we are able to get in front of global analysts in interesting and engaging ways, something much harder without Oracle’s partnership.”

Mina Kordi, Cofounder, Tracifier

These four elements offer examples of how Oracle for Startups has reimagined what a corporate and startup partnership could look like—by addressing a startup’s entire business—not just the technology piece. Acting as a strategic business partner, our focus is to help scale not only a startup’s technology, but their customer references and revenue as well.

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Photography courtesy of AtCash

Amy Sorrells

Amy Sorrells

Amy Sorrells is global communications director for Oracle for Startups.