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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a significant advancement in the delivery of information technology and services. By providing on demand access to a shared pool of computing resources in a self-service, dynamically scaled and metered manner, cloud computing offers compelling advantages in cost, speed and efficiency.


Oracle Identity Cloud Service: AD Bridge High-Availability Configuration Using Docker and Windows Containers [October 2017]
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Part of the IDCS Deep Dive series exploring hybrid scenarios, this article focuses on integration with Microsoft Active Directory, an on-premise infrastructure present in most organizations.

Introduction to Oracle Messaging Cloud Service [August 2017]
by Phil Wilkins

This article examines the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service (OCMS) web API that sits over that messaging engine, and also looks at the cool moves OMCS can throw that give messaging a 21st century shine.

Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle JET and ADF BC REST Production Experience - Technical Tips and Tricks [May 2017]
by Andrejus Baranovskis

Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis and his team recently used Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle JET, and ADF BC REST to develop an application for a Lithuanian start-up. This article describes the development experience in deep technical detail.

Sample Chapter: Integrations Between SaaS Applications [April 2017]
by Robert van Molken and Phil Wilkins

This sample chapter from Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service (2017, Packt Publishing) explores how to integrate SaaS solutions, and shows how you can test your integration without affecting a live system.

Docker in the Cloud: Oracle Container Cloud Service [Feb 2017]
by Dr. Frank Munz

Get deep background on Docker and its use, and a technical introduction to the Oracle Container Cloud Service (OCCS) and its key components.

Oracle Cloud Integration [February 2016]
by Joel Perez and Arturo Viveros

This four-part series by Oracle ACE Director Joel Perez and Oracle ACE Associate Arturo Viveros focuses on cloud integration and is directed towards IT managers and architects, particularly those who are hungry for knowledge related to cloud solutions and the dynamics involved when attempting to integrate them effectively into established business architectures.

SOA Cloud Service in a Nutshell [February 2016]
by Arturo Viveros, Robert van Molken, and Rolando Carrasco

In this article Oracle ACE Associates Arturo Viveros and Robert van Molken, and Oracle ACE Rolando Carraso discuss Oracle SOA Cloud Service in detail, together with its implications, possible use cases and scenarios. The authors also attempt to clarify some potentially confusing elements and draw some first-hand conclusions on the present and future of the product.

Building and Testing Databound Web Applications using JCS, DCS and JDeveloper 12c [October 2015]
by Kumar Shahi

This article showcases the simplicity of using Oracle Java Cloud Service (JCS), Oracle Database Cloud Service (DCS) and JDeveloper 12c to develop, deploy and test Web Applications.

(PDF) Sample Chapter: CIO's Guide to Oracle Cloud Computing (August 2014]
by Jessica Keyes

This sample chapter from The CIO's Guide to Oracle Products and Solutions focuses on "features and benefits; management best practices; user/developer lessons learned; management considerations; compliance and security considerations, and management metrics."

Sample Chapter: eCommerce in the Cloud (PDF) [April 2014]
by Kelly Goetsch

eCommerce in the Cloud author Kelly Goetsch shows you "how you can quickly and incrementally adopt cloud computing for any ecommerce platforms, whether packaged or custom, new or legacy."

SOA and Cloud Computing [April 2014]
by Jürgen Kress, Berthold Maier, Hajo Normann, Danilo Schmeidel, Guido Schmutz, Bernd Trops, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Torsten Winterberg

The final article in the Industrial SOA article series takes a look at the relationship between SOA and Cloud Computing, and offers insight into how SOA principles can help to insure the long-term success and business value of the migration to the Cloud.

SOA, Cloud, and Service Technologies [August 2012]
Best selling SOA author Thomas Erl and Oracle SOA experts Tim Hall and Demed L'Her explore the evolution of IT architecture and the emerging role of the IT architect in this edited transcript of an OTN ArchBeat podcast.

The Role of the Cloud Architect [July 2012]
by Bob Rhubart

Cloud architects talk about the role's unique challenges and the skills needed to meet them.

Software Architecture for High Availability in the Cloud [June 2012]
by Brian Jimerson

A look at the paradigm shifts in designing fault tolerance from machine-based architectures to cloud-based architectures, and how enterprise applications need to be engineered to ensure the highest level of availability in the cloud.

Discussion: Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds [June 2012]
by Bob Rhubart

A panel of leading Oracle experts on cloud computing compares and contrasts the various flavors of cloud computing in this transcript of an OTN ArchBeat Podcast.

Community Roundtable: Agility versus Architecture [May 2012]
by Bob Rhubart

What happens to architecture in the rush to deliver solutions? A community panel discusses finding a balance.

Community Roundtable: Architecture, Confidence, and the Cloud [May 2012]
by Bob Rhubart

Cloud computing may be a new take on not-so-new concepts, but getting it right still requires an architectural approach.

Are You Ready to Compete Against the Public Cloud? [January 2012]
by Robert Covington and Brad Goodwin

A look at two companies that have embarked on a transformational journey that embraces many core aspects of cloud architecture.

Everything is PaaSible (from InfoQ) [December 2011]
by William Vambenepe

William Vambenepe takes a look at PaaS as an enabler— especially in the enterprise—that will afford business advantages in terms of cost, time to market and choice of tools.

Using Oracle Coherence with Spring Batch for High-Performance Data Processing [December 2011]
by Vijay Nair

How using the Spring Batch framework, in combination with a multithreaded approach to data loading, can improve the manageability and performance Coherence-based applications

A Brief Introduction on Migrating to an Oracle-based Cloud Environment (from Syngress) [November 2011]
by Tom Laszewski

Addressing multi-tenancy and other key cloud considerations.

Migrating to the Cloud: Methodology and Design (PDF) [Sept 2011]
by Tom Laszewski and Prakash Nauduri

A sample chapter from Migrating to the Cloud.

The Cloud Computing Pre-Nup [May 2011]
by Bob Rhubart

The cloud represents a relationship. Know how to get out before you jump in.

White Papers

Simplifying Cloud Integration (PDF) [January 2014]
by David Baum, Rajesh Raheja, Bruce Tierney, Ram Menon, and Vijay Pawa

This white paper describes the role Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle data integration products can play in integrating on-premise and cloud applications, such as Oracle Fusion Applications,, and Workday.

Accelerate the Journey to Enterprise Cloud with Oracle Database 12c (PDF) [July 2013]
by Burt Clouse

This paper examines the new features in Oracle Database 12c and how those features can accelerate the implementation of an enterprise cloud.

Consolidation Best Practices: Oracle Database 12c (PDF) [July 2013]
by Troy Anthony

This paper provides and overview of Oracle Database 12c's capabilities for consolidating application workloads.

Service Catalogs: Defining Standardized Database Services (PDF) [November 2013]
by Burt Clouse

The first step in the transition from silo’d, purpose-built IT practices to a modern cloud is standardization. The key deliverable that supports standardization is a service catalog. This paper explores service catalogs and how they create and enforce effective standardization.

Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure on SPARC: An Oracle Optimized Solution (PDF) [June 2012]
by Roger Bitar

Recommendations and best practices for optimizing virtualization infrastructures when deploying the Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure on SPARC.

Network Isolation in Private Database Clouds (PDF) [April 2012]
This white paper focuses on the options and features that can be used to provide network isolation in an Oracle Private Database Cloud configuration. 

Candidate Selection Tool: Guiding Cloud Adoption (PDF) [Dec. 2011]
by Bob Hensle

This white paper describes an evaluation framework created to help IT organizations determine which applications, services, modules, components, etc., are appropriate for deployment to a public or private cloud.

Cloud Computing Maturity Model: Guiding Success with Cloud Capabilities (PDF) [Dec. 2011]
by Scott Mattoon, Bob Hensle, and James Baty

Successful adoption of a Cloud model depends on careful planning that addresses the full range of capabilities implied by a comprehensive Cloud Computing strategy.

Database as a Service - Reference Architecture Overview (PDF) [Sept. 2011]
This white paper introduces and defines the concept of Database as a Service and elaborates on the benefits of implementing a DBaaS strategy.

Advancing Business Innovation through the Cloud [June 2011]
by Saugatuck Technology

Winners in the new competitive landscape will be those businesses that adopt Cloud solutions to fundamentally change their business models, not simply to improve the efficiency of IT.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure (PDF) [May 2011]
This paper provides recommendations and best practices for optimizing virtualization infrastructures when deploying the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.

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