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    Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Oracle Developer Cloud Service?

    Oracle Developer Cloud Service is a cloud development platform for your team and your code. It enables agile development methodologies and DevOps automation. Oracle Developer Cloud Service simplifies development with support for the complete software development lifecycle from planning to deployment. Within minutes, you and your team get immediate access to source repositories, issue tracking, project planning, build automation, continuous integration engine, and more.

  • What functionality is available with Oracle Developer Cloud Service?

    Oracle Developer Cloud Service includes the following functionality

    • Project configuration and user management
    • Source control and artifact repositories through Git and Maven
    • Issue tracking system to track tasks, bugs, and enhancements
    • Development sprint planning, tracking, and reporting
    • Code review platform
    • Build automation with support for multiple build frameworks
    • Continuous integration and deployment
    • Document collaboration through wiki
    • Team activity stream
  • How do I interact with Oracle Developer Cloud Service?

    Developer Cloud Service offers a rich web interface for interaction with all its functionality.

    In addition, Oracle Developer Cloud Service also integrates into popular IDEs, including Eclipse, JDeveloper, and Netbeans - providing direct access to the Issue tracking system, Git repository, and build information. Developer Cloud Service also offers WebHooks based integration interfaces that can be used to integrate with external system. Oracle Developer Cloud Service provides HTTPS and SSH access to interact with the hosted Git repositories.

  • What options do I have with my source repositories?

    Oracle Developer Cloud Service provides a hosted Git and Maven repository for each project; you can add additional Git repositories for each project as needed. Developer Cloud Service also integrates with GitHub. You can configure your existing GitHub account repositories to work with Oracle Developer Cloud Service.

  • How do I deploy applications built with Oracle Developer Cloud Service?

    Oracle Developer Cloud Service provides tight integration with Oracle's cloud services and enables deploying applications directly as part of the continuous integration process. Specific support is provided for Oracle Java Cloud Service & Oracle Application Container Cloud for the deployment of Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby applications. As part of the build process you can deploy directly to other services including to the Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle SOA Cloud Service and more. Artifacts created through the build automation can even be deployed to on-premise and other cloud platforms.

  • What is the pricing for Oracle Developer Cloud Service?

    Please refer to the pricing table.