IaaS—Infrastructure as a Service

Oracle a Visionary in Public Cloud for IaaS
Oracle a Visionary in Public Cloud for IaaS

Oracle debuts as a ‘Visionary’ in the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IaaS.

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Nine Out of Ten IT Leaders Are Moving to Cloud

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Complete Enterprise Application Environment in the Cloud
Complete Enterprise Application Environment in the Cloud

Announcing Oracle Real Application Clusters, FastConnect, and Windows support on Oracle Cloud Platform’s modern infrastructure.

Oracle's Predictions for Infrastructure as a Service
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Oracle customers and executives discuss cloud-driven transformation.
IaaS Provides Instant Productivity for Your Business
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Purpose-Built for the Enterprise

The public cloud is maturing. It is powering business transformations across the globe. By utilizing infrastructure as a service (IaaS), businesses are driving digital transformation, empowering developers, and increasing customer engagement through mobile apps and social interactions. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides customers with a cost-effective platform for achieving their desired business outcomes.

IaaS: Core Capabilities

With a comprehensive offering that includes compute, storage, network, bare metal, and container services, Oracle’s infrastructure services drive business value. Our enterprise-grade cloud enables organizations to run any workload at any time, while innovative migration tools pave the way by simplifying how organizations migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud.

Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service icon

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) combines the benefits of public cloud (on-demand, self-service, scalability, pay-for-use) with those benefits usually associated with on-premises environments (governance, predictability, control) into a single offering.

OCI takes advantage of a high-scale, high-bandwidth network that connects cloud servers to high-performance local, block, and object storage to deliver a cloud platform that yields the highest performance for traditional and distributed applications, as well as highly available databases. In short, OCI is architected to support the applications that run your business today as well as those you will be creating tomorrow.

Oracle Cloud At Customer icon

Oracle Cloud At Customer

Take advantage of cloud innovation in your data center with Oracle Cloud at Customer. Get all of the benefits of Oracle Cloud—agility, simplicity, performance, elastic scaling, and subscription pricing—while keeping the data in your own data center to comply with data sovereignty, compliance, and security concerns.

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Oracle Ravello Service

Migrate VMware applications to the cloud in a few simple steps without having to change existing VMs or networking. Oracle’s streamlined approach helps you deploy cloud-based applications in minutes, not days or months.

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Oracle Cloud and Intel

The latest-generation Intel® Xeon® processors provide the performance and protection you need. The result is an agile, scalable Oracle Cloud you can count on with the power and capabilities to handle your most data-intensive workloads.

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