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Media and Entertainment Customer Stories

Gruppo Mondadori

Gruppo Mondadori standardizes human resources processes across all its businesses with Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management.


Gruppo Mondadori

Oracle has given us the opportunity to put everything in order, streamlining each of the HR functions. This is a huge benefit that frees the mind, gives the possibility to do other things, and adds value to the business.
Daniele Sacco, HR Director, Gruppo Mondadori

AI startup aiconix helps video creators quickly turn video into data using artificial intelligence and Oracle Cloud.



It’s important that our platform is fast, reliable, and doesn’t cost too much money to run, especially when we need to scale as traffic volumes increase.
Eugen Gross, CEO and Cofounder, aiconix
Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris drives better business outcomes with Oracle Data Cloud.


Disneyland Paris

Oracle Data Cloud perfectly understands our brands, our needs, and our campaigns, and we really appreciate that in our partner.
Sebastien Mayer, Europe Programmatic Audience Management Lead, Disneyland Paris

Phenix streams music, sports, and award ceremonies to millions of internet viewers 100 times faster than the major networks with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.



Working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we see benefits in cost reduction for CPU-based workloads of up to 40 percent. We’re also seeing a dramatic decrease in cost for networking of up to 70 percent.
Steffan Birrer, Resident and Founder, Phenix
Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Broadcast Group transforms for rapid growth with Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle Payroll.


Sinclair Broadcast Group

We decided to go big-bang and implement our ERP modules as well as HCM and payroll all together at once. Putting in place new, modern technology can be an enabler for that transformation, especially when we’re trying to achieve future growth.
Justin L. Bray, Vice President & Treasurer, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Sim logo

SIM International accelerates critical decisions and improves visibility through Oracle Financial Cloud.



I can now look at a single entity, division, or department … We were never able to look across the enterprise like this before.
Julie Ann Mong, Vice President Financial Technology Services, Sim International
SiriusXM logo

SiriusXM manages subscription lifecycle and converts trial customers with Oracle IoT and machine learning.



From my perspective, being a technologist, the most important thing is the amount of data we get about in-car listening behaviors. IoT is going to be revolutionary in terms of the amount of deepening the engagement with our listeners.
Bill Pratt, Chief Information Officer, SiriusXM
Mutua Madrid Open logo

Mutua Madrid Open uses Oracle Cloud Platform to innovate and re-imagine the user experience.


Mutua Madrid Open

’We implemented a chatbot, ‘MatchBot,’ with Oracle Cloud Platform to re-imagine the user experience. We have already seen that it is very well received, so we are already thinking about the evolution and next cycle of improvements.
Gerard Tsobanian, CEO, Mutua Madrid Open
Outfront Media logo

OUTFRONT Media provisions robust databases in minutes, and securely publishes interactive dashboards to the sales force with Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud.



Now we have a high-performance data warehouse that we can scale on demand that is self-tuning, self-repairing, and does not require us to do anything operationally. Our technical team can do added-value services, such as data modeling and data quality.
Derek Hayden, Vice President, Application Development, OUTFRONT Media
Virgin Media logo

Virgin Media improves customer experience and field-technician productivity with Oracle Field Service Cloud.


Virgin Media

The TOA solution helps us to continue improving our customers’ experience and gives us the scope to improve the working day of our technicians by giving them tighter routes with less travel time.
Paul Buttery, Chief Customer and Networks Officer, Virgin Media
El Tiempo logo

El Tiempo improves segmentation for advertising revenue with Oracle Data Management.


El Tiempo

We needed a way to generate new revenue streams to survive, since traditional subscription-based advertising sales will not be enough to sustain us.
Juan Pablo Moreno, Chief Strategy and Data Officer for El Tiempo