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Sharda University deepens learning with Oracle Cloud

The Delhi-based university, which blends academic excellence with service to local communities, uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and analytics tools to measure progress in both pursuits.

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About the customer

Beyond boundaries

Sharda University is educating India’s fast-growing youth population, as well as students from more than 80 countries, to serve their local communities and succeed on the global stage.

Lessons in the university’s law, architecture, computer science, business, nursing, education, and other programs go beyond the classroom. For example, students in the public health and dental programs apply class learning to improve oral hygiene in surrounding villages.

Sharda students also help businesses explore fresh ideas in digital business, and can even incubate their own ideas into startups through university-led programs.

Sharda’s relationships with more than 180 other academic institutions worldwide connects its students to an array of opportunities.

Sharda is not only imparting education to students but also helping them play a role in paying back our society and bringing up the underprivileged.
Divesh Kamboj, Vice President of IT, Sharda University

Customer Story

Data ‘speaking back to us’

With more than 20,000 students and dozens of professional schools, India’s Sharda University collects reams of data.

The university is using that data to track the success of the various community projects supported by its students, as well as to uncover insights into the types of academic programs and faculty traits that optimize student outcomes.

Sharda is also opening the machine-learning capabilities in its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to allow students to bring sophisticated data analysis to their own projects. The goal: Prepare students to succeed in a world where digital business is the norm.

Sharda’s move to Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics has also shown university staffers just how powerful data analytics can be. After choosing Oracle for its high-speed processing, ease of implementation, and autonomous management, “it seemed as if all that data had finally started speaking back to us and giving us the insights that we always wanted,” says Divesh Kamboj, the university’s vice president of IT.

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Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Analytics

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which Sharda put into production within two weeks, required far fewer people to implement and scale than the university’s previous database solution.

We would rather help children flash bright smiles than crunch data. Now we can leave that to Oracle.

Divesh Kamboj, Vice President of IT, Sharda University