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Oracle Customer Success

iPoint-systems Boosts Competitiveness and Innovation with Oracle


iPoint’s software solutions create transparency for companies.

iPoint empowers companies to collect, analyze and report all necessary data to assess the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their products and related processes enabling companies to evolve their business.

By digitalizing the lifecycles of products and supply chain relationships our software solutions support enterprises to manage compliance, risk, and sustainability topics.

This drives the transparency companies need for good decision-making.

In a world of limited resources but unlimited ideas for new products business transparency has become a precondition to successfully market products worldwide—now and in the future.

Since 2001 customers, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, such as Ford, Roche, Osram, Toyota, Emerson, Miele, GE, Magna, Becton Dickinson and Jack Wolfskin have been using our software to CARE ….

C – collect the relevant data
A – analyze the relations and impact
R – report the right information to the permitted stakeholders
E – evolve the company to minimize risks and use opportunities

Business challenges

  • Reduce the cost and effort for the implementation and operation of highly integrated compliance solutions to a level that also makes them accessible to small- and medium-sized businesses, both in and out of the automotive industry
  • Simplify collaboration among around 50,000 iPoint-systems customers in 140 countries and with future new users to further strengthen the company’s established position as a competitive, global compliance solution provider
  • Reduce development and modification outlay for new compliance solutions so that they can be implemented faster
  • Realize planned significant expansion of the customer base to small- and medium-sized businesses without additional customer care personnel and without increasing human resources (HR) costs
  • Ensure maximum flexibility with regard to the use and licensing of cloud services in order to cover future demand for compliance solutions from a broad customer base
  • Create conditions for the use of blockchain technology in order to tap into its potential for compliance solutions

With Oracle PaaS and Oracle IaaS, we offer our leading compliance applications at far more affordable prices than comparable on-premises solutions. We now also reach small- and medium-sized businesses, which previously struggled with cost and capacity. Oracle Cloud opens up enormous growth opportunities and a new chapter in our successful corporate development.

Hans-Gerhard Lang

Global Sales & Alliances, iPoint-systems gmbh


  • Used Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service to develop new applications and deploy a growing number of existing customer applications, significantly reducing development and deployment effort and costs
  • Gained the ability to offer compliance solutions to small- and medium-sized companies through significantly decreased costs, increasing customer potential by a factor of 6
  • Doubled the performance of compliance solutions as compared to an on-premises solution once iPoint-systems had migrated its applications to the Oracle Cloud
  • Reduced development effort and time to market for new applications by cloning Oracle Databases in Oracle Cloud at the touch of a button so that base configurations of the applications are immediately available to developers
  • Gained the ability to attend to the needs of more customers with its existing personnel resources—due to the significantly lower effort for the development, deployment, and maintenance of applications in Oracle Cloud—increasing efficiency and reducing customer care costs for each individual customer
  • Enabled suppliers to distribute data about delivered materials easily and simultaneously to multiple commercial buyers who also use the corresponding applications, reducing the workload and guaranteeing that data is up to date at all times and for all users—an important competitive advantage for the company’s applications
  • Ensured scalability on demand using Oracle Universal Credits while also securing highly competitive prices—from which iPoint-systems’ customers also benefit—of Oracle Cloud services thanks to the credits acquired with the package
  • Ensured utmost data security for all cloud applications—a key criterion for sensitive information about materials and their sources in the processing industry—while comparable safety precautions would not be economically viable without cloud solutions

With Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service we are realizing extremely effective and highly available applications on competitive terms for ourselves and our customers. We also received outstanding support from Oracle, especially with regard to our customer acquisition marketing activities. We could not wish for a better partner.

Daniel Maier

Marketing Manager, iPoint-systems gmbh

Published: June 6, 2018