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Mutua Madrid Open

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Mutua Madrid Open enriches the spectator experience with Oracle Cloud Platform


Mutua Madrid Open leads the way in innovation to improve User Experience by developing an AI-Equipped chatbot with Oracle

Mutua Madrid Open is one of the newest elite tennis tournaments with its inaugural year taking place in 2002. Taking advantage of this youthful spirit, it strives year over year to be the most innovative competition on the circuit by seeking to use new technologies to provide a unique user experience for its spectators.

With this challenge in mind, it decided to become the first tournament to implement a chatbot developed with Oracle Cloud Platform to facilitate communication with tennis fans by providing live and constantly updated information about the event.

Business challenges

Maintain its status as an innovative event as well as its forward-thinking approach to user experience

Provide the most up-to-date information to spectators on subjects such as players, results, access points, services, catering, and ticket sales

Implement a technological solution that would improve communication with spectators without risking interruptions to the service

We implemented a chatbot, “MatchBot,” with Oracle Cloud Platform to reimagine the user experience. We have already seen that it is very well received so we are already thinking about the evolution and next cycle of improvements.

Gerard Tsobanian

CEO, Mutua Madrid Open


Implemented an AI-based chatbot that not only improved its services but also showed its commitment to remain at the forefront of technology

Relied on Oracle Cloud Platform to develop a chatbot, “MatchBot,” which was specifically designed to keep fans informed with live and corroborated information and therefore improve the spectator experience

Collaborated with Oracle to provide a service free of glitches, knowing that the necessary expertise was always on hand to monitor and intervene and keeping the solution running smoothly

From the very beginning, I saw Oracle’s predisposition to take this project forward, so above all, the decision to count on Oracle was made after an evaluation of the human capital they could dedicate to making the project run efficiently. We were always comfortable knowing that we were in safe hands, thanks to their expertise and knowhow.

Gerard Tsobanian

CEO, Mutua Madrid Open

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Published: August 21, 2018