Oracle Cloud Isolated Region for global governments and defense missions

Oracle Cloud Isolated Regions are secure, air-gapped Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) solutions designed to meet the higher demands of global customers’ mission-critical classified workloads. Oracle Cloud Isolated Regions deliver compute, security, storage, and networking services in an on-premises environment, which is disconnected from the internet. These regions offer the same services as public Oracle Cloud regions. Dedicated to serving governments and safeguarding global defense missions at hyperscale, this innovative cloud solution includes a fully integrated infrastructure with IaaS/PaaS/SaaS and industry-leading price-performance.

Empower the Warfighter: Harness OCI’s capabilities for F-35 data analysis

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Quick Answer: How Do I Obtain Isolated Private Cloud Services?

How should an executive leader evaluate the options for “air gapped” private clouds…and more.*

Oracle Cloud Isolated Region offers security, sovereignty, and superior price-performance for global customers’ mission-critical workloads

Use all the services of the public cloud: Everything Everywhere

With Oracle Cloud Isolated Region, customers can access a fully featured air-gapped Oracle region from the customer’s approved data center location. Oracle is committed to deploying an identical portfolio of 100+ services, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, in all Oracle Cloud regions, including Oracle Cloud Isolated Regions. This provides the depth and breadth of OCI innovation in a fully dedicated, secure, and isolated cloud.

Safeguard classified data with a zero trust security model

Security is a top priority for customers in government and defense missions. OCI is built on security-focused principles to provide uncompromising security of the cloud and in the cloud. Oracle Cloud Isolated Region expands OCI’s security-first philosophy by providing an air-gapped environment—directly connected to government networks.

Protect your global mission-critical workloads with OCI’s two-region model

Mission continuity is essential for global customers who are entrusted with highly classified, sensitive data. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s two-region deployment model helps provide the highest level of protection for mission-critical workloads, combining the high availability architecture of an Oracle Cloud region with two geographically separated regions for disaster recovery. Oracle has invested heavily in tools that make cross-region disaster recovery simpler for developers and administrators. Additionally, the small rack footprint provides affordability for your country’s budget as it helps enable you to start small and grow your capacity over time.

Global expertise operating sovereign and disconnected environments

Oracle hires local staff that meet each customer’s citizenship and security clearance requirements to provide sovereign operations. We apply our decades of experience conducting local, cleared operations around the world, including for our Oracle Cloud regions for the UK and US governments, and our air-gapped regions for US defense missions.

Industry-leading price performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers the same consumption pricing in all regions globally, including Oracle Cloud Isolated Regions. Our transparent and predictable pricing, continuous cloud innovation, and superior performance offer the best value proposition.

Modernize your global IT systems with OCI’s full stack of cloud services

Seamlessly move your most complex workloads onto the cloud using any of Oracle’s cloud services, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Bare Metal Servers, virtual machines, and graphics processing units; database services such as Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service. Innovate rapidly with the most modern open source, cloud native technologies such as Functions serverless computing; and Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes.

Oracle Cloud Isolated Regions securely deliver mission-critical workloads

With our security-first approach, these isolated regions securely run sensitive workloads, shield classified information, and accelerate missions while meeting strict security and regulatory requirements.

Complete cloud infrastructure and platform services for every workload

OCI offers a common set of 100+ services in each cloud region. Get all the services you need—from containers and VMware to AI—to migrate, modernize, build, and scale your IT. Automate all your workloads, including both existing and new applications and data platforms.








Oracle Cloud Infrastructureの統合サービスは、すべてのアプリケーションとデータソースを接続して、エンドツーエンドのプロセスを自動化し、集中管理を実行します。デフォルトのアダプタとローコードのカスタマイズによるさまざまな統合によって、クラウドへの移行を簡素化するだけでなく、ハイブリッドとマルチクラウドの運用を効率化します。
















柔軟な仮想マシン(Flex VM)や高パフォーマンスのベア・メタル・サーバーからHPCおよびGPUまで、クラウド上でのセキュアで柔軟なコンピューティングを提供します。






マイクロサービス・アプリケーションを高パフォーマンスでマネージド型のオープン・ソースのDocker、Kubernetes、Fn Functionsサービスに導入します。




Oracle Databases

Oracle Database

世界有数のコンバージド・マルチモデル・データベース管理システムであるOracle Databaseのコスト最適化された高パフォーマンスの自律型バージョンをクラウドで実行できます。



MySQL HeatWaveは統合的なインメモリ・クエリ・アクセラレータであるHeatWaveを実装するフルマネージド・データベース・サービスです。また、トランザクション、分析、および機械学習サービスを1つのMySQLデータベースに統合し、ETLの重複による複雑性、レイテンシ、およびコストなしに、リアルタイムのセキュアな分析を実現する唯一のクラウド・データベース・サービスです。




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